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Be in the know of http://www.glowsticking.com and when you could experience such self explorational stimulus. A journey into the physical and subconscious mind of the splendor in things that glow in the dark. Of course I appreciate the folks who created the event. I am a student of different forms of dance such as popping, voguing, wacking, bellydancing, breaking and if you never get to experience the element of play which takes over when you hold a pair of glowsticks in your hands, you’re just simply missing out on yet another dope-ass style of dance you need to add onto your list of things to try once in your life. Also google http://www.floasis.net it’s a progressive dance community which nurtures and enlightens the masses on glowsticking, robotting, digits, tutting, liquid dance and waving (amongst the few). This workshop was the perfect scenario for me to play and throw all caution to wind, messing with glowing goodness for hours with total abandonment. Shout out to http://www.glowsticking.com organizers Azzie and Aden-masters Rai(DJ), Alfred, Aaron, Strings, Tiny Love and many more. Click on more to see more glowing ecstasy. Dixie


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Thanks for the shout-out to floasis.net ! very suave n interesting site u have here 🙂

Comment by liquid tommy

It was my pleasure to shed some light on you suave cats. Tiny love was my inspiration which led me to floasis in the first place. Your interview of him was at my place in Brooklyn, remember? @;0)

Comment by Dixie

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