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Pull up to the bumper of iconic, androgynous Grace Jones
October 22, 2008, 9:14 pm
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First above we see Nightclubbing’s third 1981 single called I’ve Seen That Face Before Libertango, a melding of Astor Piazzola’s Argentine Tango with a Reggae beat. Notice the exquisite set design, lighting, costuming, and editing.

This extravagant-pop culture icon of a black diamond was way ahead of her time. Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Grace studied Theatre at Syracuse University before taking over by storm the modeling world in Paris and New York City. Her theatrical background justified(s) her most dramatic antics and her instincts on personifying the most abstract characters on and off stage, which were finely tuned. She is a rare creature whose very aware of her instrument. Jones collaborated with the likes of pop culture god heads Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Along with stylist Jean-Paul Goude (whom she had a son with btw) she conjured the quintessential image of the 80’s faded flat top and angular shoulder pads, which correlates with the cross-dressing movement taking place then. One could see how her image may upstage her voice, but her vocal range spans two-and-a-half octaves, where she wears her monotone voice for tunes such as Private Life, and turns up the heat in her soprano voice in La Vie In Rose. I’m captivated by her ability to morph from music to fashion to film and television and mixing it all up. You’ll see her in Conan The Barbarian’s 1984 film as “Zula,” the amazon, and as “May Day” in the 1985 James Bond movie. Her visual persona was an overriding force in her concert tours. And that was plain to see by the powerful influence of Grace’s modeling, which thrives through her music. She channels fashion to its highest order in creating bold, avant-garde performance art. Don’t sleep and click on “more” below to see her A One Man Show, a critically acclaimed music documentary filmed in 1981-1982. This will surely lay some knowledge on your pretty little minds. Dixie Rose Fernandez


These videos are live performances of her show tour which was filmed in Drury Lane Theatre in London and in New York City in 1981. Enjoy.


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