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Screw the Bail Out
October 22, 2008, 10:28 pm
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Betwixt the mind boggling bail-out, the NYSE crashing, and the Presidential and vice-presidential great Muppet show debates-I feel resolved in knowing politically ambiguous poet, singer, novelist Leonard Cohen was onto something when he first wrote (the song in above clip) this song about the perils of AIDS. Today, the lyrics of Everybody Knows can be applied to themes of conspiracy theories, if you feel up to spiraling down that rabbit hole. And I presume escapism is the instantly gratifying band-aid in our already sugar-stupefied, medicated minds-brain washed by propaganda. But sometimes you have to elicit thought in provoking questions and just be awake over sleepwalking. And Cohen felt the American public was desensitized to their addiction to television, as it was back then. And so I spit, what the fuck is going on in the world? Are “friendly” aliens landing soon? Was Merrill Lynch lynched? Who knew our lives would revolve so much around a small box with running images? Is this too hot too soon for you or should we wait ’til we get to first base and take our time then? We can’t be afraid to sing about the issues that are hard to listen to. Otherwise, tune into old reruns of Jerry Springer and relish in knowing that ignorance is bliss, but always at a cost. Dixie


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