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October 22, 2008, 9:38 pm
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American Triple X

Snuff-Chuck Palahniuk

Snuff  is a read for the inner sexual deviant in you and must be digested publicly and shamelessly. The cotton candy cover of hot-pink wide open lips is teasing on its own. The response I get from people is subdued with sexual tension, to say the least, especially while at work, when I tell them I’m reading about Ms. Cassie Wright’s “porn priestess’s,” gang banging record of six hundred dudes.

“The damaged love the damaged,” says Sheila (aka Zelda Zonk) talent wrangler of gang bang film. A dead on analogy of the overriding dysfunctionality of the characters throughout the novel. And as we already know, the apple never falls too far from the tree, because the hurt will always hurt the ones they love most. This American fiction is about carefully plotted revenge gone awry for the perpetrator whose identity is a mystery.

While reading Snuff, I was curious as to why Chuck didn’t throw into the mix a gratuitous Ms. 69, standing in line with a strap on. But that’s just kinky me. And why Ms. 69 should want to bang Ms. Wright just for the pure pleasure of it, rather than hoping she’d be the cause for Wright falling into a comma and dying. Because most of these fiends were looking to be recognized as the bad ass motherfucker, the last cock to kill her off. Thus plunging the lucky bastard to a renewed stardom.

Snuff unravels by the hands of four pivotal characters, Sheila a 20-year old talent wrangler/manager of film, Mr. 72, a network television star (Detective Dan Banyan) marked by scandal, Mr. 137, a young man trying to save Ms. Cassie Wright, and Mr. 600, the over the hill porn king opposite to Ms. Wright in many films.


Palahniuk dips you into the dark aspects of these sexually exploited characters’ minds and reveals the complexity of their dysfunctional psyche and somewhat vulgar social nuances. He continuously seduces you with fantastic interludes of imagery of decadent film icons, and their secret extreme methods responsible for their immaculate appearance. Chuck pushes buttons while interjecting glimpses of the tragic deaths of some of our favorite iconic figures of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. How did Lucille Ball manage to look so young for so many years in television, way passed her prime? Did anyone notice? Her methods were pretty sadistic in always looking the same.

An excerpt..

“Her eyes shut, her skin tugged in little directions by the spongeful of moisturizer, Ms. Wright says that morticians style a dead body, apply the makeup, and style the hair from the right side, because that’s the side people will see in an open-casket viewing. The funeral director washes the body by hand. Dips cotton balls in insect poison and crams them up your nose to keep bugs from setting up house. Fingers open an anal vent to allow trapped gas to escape. Stuffs plastic cups, like Ping-Pong balls cut in half, under your eyelids to keep them closed. Brushes melted wax on your lips to stop them from peeling.”-from Snuff

Dixie Rose Fernandez


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