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October 22, 2008, 9:51 pm
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 They came and went on a warm summer day, on Kent Avenue and North 8. Have you ever felt ambushed by an anonymous avant garde theatre troupe? Well it was a first for some of the Willieburg natives grazing on the splendor of the green grass on this given Sunday. The “Mole” family certainly wasn’t barbecuing to salsa music or playing frisbee like my fellow latinos chillin out. I think it would’ve been mind boggling if they had been speaking in some loud-vulgar jibberish, eating strange smelly food and playing some ridiculously absurd game. After all, it is about doing something that’s never been done before. And what they did, I could’ve done with a few friends in everday clothes and that would’ve just made us all look plainly nuts. But you gotta give them props and I do like my random pics. The Mole family wasn’t there to eat, tan (like me) or play toss the ball. They began by mimicking us, that is Mom and Dad who seemed to indulge the most, next the Mole Sisters played mirror games with one another, and that was cute as a button, at times though one or two would stand stationary for minutes at a time (as if blending in with nature or isloating themselves), and then the whole family worked their way to engaging with an innocent group of gathering friends. They had a moment there ’cause someone had a white “Vespa” helmet and it resembled the roundness of their black heads. And we, the stupidly amused, ate it all up, in a good way. Yup, typical day on North 8 and Kent Avenue for Spiralmag. Check out the rest of pics by clicking on more biatch. Dixie Rose Fernandez


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