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The reconciliation of existential Hilary White
October 22, 2008, 11:14 pm
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The Great Reconciler

The Immaculate Healer

The Ardent Sovereign

The Magnificent Cultivator


“Life, death, faith and fact one persistently at odds with the other, causing us to wrestle with our own actions and beliefs daily. We structure our existence around what we can prove and what we personally hold to be true. Jesus Christ lived in a body prone to death yet claimed to be life in its entirety. His life and teachings are documented as historical fact, we’ve based our time line around his birth and death, yet people also believe and follow him on the basis of faith. His life is the embodiment of the struggle and union of each, not compartmentalized but presented as a whole. He reconciles all things, producing the freedom to challenge our own beliefs and actions, to wrestle with the perception of who we are, the lives we experience and the deaths we will encounter.
Each piece represents the relationship between the physical and the spiritual, the grotesque and beauty that exists in each person, our own internal violence towards others and ourselves coupled with the ability to sacrifice and love. Jesus Christ produced the reconciliation between God and people so that there exists the hope of renewal and restoration in the midst of the destruction and atrophied of this life and body.” –
Hilary White

I came across profound White at a group artist exhibit titled Au Courant, at the Dam Stuhltrager gallery in Brooklyn this summer. Her series of paintings of The Great Reconciler really capture the irreconcilable irony in a most symbolic way, in emanating the brutal, natural cycle, order of all living things. In how White rendered her ideas onto the canvas, you get the romanticism of man over nature, nature over man, and the perpetuating violent struggle between man with himself, man against beast, and man versus religion. Her use of symbolism speaks volumes, commenting on the society we live in, our resources, working classes, politics, social values, the environment, and our belief system.


Dixie Rose Fernandez

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