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The Strange in Harry Treadaway’s Brothers of the Head
October 22, 2008, 9:30 pm
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Trailer from Brothers of the Head

Meet English actor Harry Treadaway (plays vocals in film), whose definitely into method acting ’cause he slept in the same bed as his brother Luke for the entire produciton of Brothers of the Head. When an actor is that literal with his character development and emotional life, it always raises the stakes. Unlike a Thespian who pulls from sensor memory and tends to be more civilized (not nuts) on or off camera. But method practitioners are known to fly over the cuckoos nest every now and then. In the movie it’s was utterly sensuous seeing Harry be so vulnerable with his twin in the struggle of their undeniably dark, artistic rivalry-sibling growing pains. Brothers of the Head is a 2005 mockumentary directed by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe, featuring conjoined twins Luke and Tom Howe, based on a 1977 novel by Brian Aldiss. It deals with a 1970’s music promoter who buys the boys from disjointed isolation and grooms them into a punk rock band, whereby they rebuke their audiences by embracing their freakishness.
There is a moment in the movie where Luke (as Tom Howe) is having sex with Tania Emery (as journalist Laura), while Harry (as Barry) has no choice but to conform to sado-masochistic voyeurism by default. That surely must have been what frustrated Harry’s character the most, not being able to share that part of his twin’s life, so skin deep, yet so alienated from the experience of true sexual love with a woman. Dixie Rose Fernandez
I once heard of an actor in Philadelphia whose name I will not mention, who in order to really experience being burned alive, rolled himself up with toilet paper and set his ass on fire. But I’m sure Daniel Day Lewis never dropping character for days off camera, on set, didn’t constitute such stupidity. For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, what the fuck are you waiting for? This movie flags truth in rawness and the mind bending, frightening nature of human frailty. You can get it from the Brooklyn Public Library for free. Get to it. No mas! Dixie Rose Fernandez


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