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Above are two publicity ads by fashion photographer visionary Steven Klein. And with no malicious sexual intent do I mean to instigate tease by posting these here, except for bringing some happiness and pleasure to my queers and hetero-gals stuck in a cubicle somewhere in NYC, coping with a long ass day in the office. Steven studied painting in The Rhode Island School of Design. In his photography there is a semblance of his background in painting. He’s worked with chameleon-like Madonna and Bradgelina (sorry for that one) – “they morph into my pictures and are willing to go there,” said the man.  And his ads for D&G and Calvin Klein are on FIYAH!( yup…fire) But going back to the above clips, realistically speaking, even though the likes of these  dudes would never EVER be caught dead “randomly” in a state prison, wearing skin tight briefs, exposing their luminous god-sent packages and glistening muscle armor (I might be overdoing it), it does our NY stressed minds real nice. That’s what I want for my b-day, take note everyone. Treats!Dixie

 Brad Pitt and Angelina/the Bosh by Steven Klein for W Magazine

Steven Klein’s X-STaTic Pro=cess exhibit featuring Madonna

Dolce Galbana Steven Klein


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