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Will the next Chris Von Wagenheim Please step up!
October 22, 2008, 8:52 pm
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These ads above elicit a foreplay of perverse, violent, sexual savoir faire teasing certain voyeuristic cravings. Good foreplay always takes us further in our travels. Notice the one Christian Dior ad for sunglasses, it makes her look dangerous, like she blew the head off whoever wanted a piece of her a(ss)ction. Go figure the intrepid Von Wagenheim would die in a car crash in the month of my birthday-March 1981, in the climax of his career. Why take him and not some other bland, cookie cutter fashion photographer we see glorifying some of our magazines to utter dreadful boredom, death if it suits you. Why must we endure the madness of safe, cliche, high fashion photography now?! Chris Von Wagenheim worked for Harper’s Bazaar American and Italian editions, Vogue’s American, French, German and Italian editions and also for Playboy, Esquire, Oui, Interview and Viva magazines. Oo la la! His work fused terror with glamour taunting his viewer with extreme visual elegance. (click on more to get more hottie) Dixie Rose Fernandedez


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