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October 23, 2008, 1:34 pm
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“The narrator of my work will say how much I love the irony and wit conveyed in the fashionable New York subculture. That my paintings are a playful schizophrenic blend of contrasting ideas and artistic styles, relating a story composed of poured colors, geometric curvaceous shapes, large brush strokes and Freudian, dream-like sketches. But to me, they are much more. They are my children, they are my soul, they are my urban hieroglyphics. Art is my narcotic of choice.”Jody Morlock

 I found these archived ancestral photos Morlock dissected quite arrestingly, because of the schizophrenic impulse she had in rearranging what her eyes saw.  She contradicted, cut into the contrasting seriousness of these solemn, somewhat bittersweet looking, black and white ghostlike-faces. They’ve been transformed to quintessential caricatures, the celestial family tree. Behold.

If for every time I’ve pulled out dead relative pictures, they looked half as hysterical and ironic as these, I would have a “Dead Ancestral Photo Viewing Party” over at my crib on a Sunday night, throw in some dry martinis and smoke a doobie for a good time. I hope these obviously deceased folks aren’t rolling in their graves.

Her works were exhibited this month of July, 2008, at the Dam, Stuhltrager art gallery, 38 Marcy Ave.




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are you the jody morlock i knew in hialeah florida in 1973-75 when you graduated from hialeah, high? We were in drama and we were in a mime troupe? and we made each other laugh onstage and broke character… You and Pam Green were my best friends… Love, Yvonne McDowell

Comment by Yvonne McDowell

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