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So Halloween day comes strollin’ in and for us the “fuck it I’m not doing that shit this year” get struck by “well maybe I’ll wonder into the ginormous costume shop on Broadway and uninhibitedly find myself scouring into the deep forest of make-believe masks.” And so you choose your top ten favorite (cause u know they’re the coolest) and then maybe narrow it down to five. Finally, you find the perfectly- closest mirror to you (but wait for a hot minute ’cause McCain is hogging it) and ritualistically commence to try on mask after mask, allowing dream-like scenarios to pour in through your eyes, as if you were the master of your own ceremony of metamorphosis. Let your imaginations roar dammit. Live a lot and raise hell, raise the stakes and get a zero interest balance transfer, cut up your credit card, and start paying down your debt interest free. Yes, the market crashed. Large shares were sold for not enough. The Bail Out equals to brain constipation and diarrhea of the mouth propaganda. The government has, if it hasn’t already, dipped into the cookie jar. But the one thing no one can ever take from us is our ideas, the torrential currents we create. What if there was an actual real life Dark Night in our society. Maybe he could do over our economy. What if you surrendered to dressing up like your own superhero for real damn cheap. It’s not what you say or do so elaborately, it’s the passion burning inside which drives the meaning out from you. Only then will there be something for you to say, worth any meaning to others. Fashion superheroes action! Dixie


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