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In NYC we tend to become indifferent to graffiti on brick walls from day to day from having been born or living here for too long. We occasionally become jaded by city life by default and not always pay mind to such good eye crack. If you’re a local and someone who follows graffiti art you take the 7 train to Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, where formerly known Phun Factory, now 5 Pointz stands as an entirely camouflaged living collage of graffiti art. But because we know how horrifically huge our favorite sewer pets can get, we couldn’t help being stop dead on our tracks in visualizing personified Rats wearing ties, holding umbrellas, briefcases, wearing I Love NY tees. It really softens their daunting safety in numbers. Funny thing is I don’t mind rats as much as roaches. British graffiti artist Banksy, who came into grips with his talent during the great Bristol aerosol boom of the late 1980’s, dropped some serious dough on the rental of wall space for his “legal” mural sized rats expedited by Colossal Media sign painters located on MacDougal and Houston and Canal street.

Moreover, Banksy has been in NYC for his self-funded mock pet store installation titled The Village Pet Store Charcoal and Grill  located at 89 7 Avenue (between Bleecker and West 4Th) which opened early October. But you’re not gonna find purring kitties in here, but a very dark exhibition of caged hot dogs, mechanically operated chicken nuggets, perverted monkeys watching porn, etc. Banksy commented on the conservation and management of animals in today’s world. I care more about my cats than art. True that. Dixie


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Dejar que las ratas adquieran tamaños colosales y se vistan de seda como la mona “aunque se vista de seda, mona se queda”, es dejar al descubierto nuestros propios miedos y las visiones que algunos tienen de frustración, otros de justicia , otros de odio, otros simplemente por el afán de ser subversivos sin poner una bomba que mate gente. El graffitti es a la ciudad lo que los vitrales a las iglesias, pero estos últimos chocan a algunos porque dicen las cosas en nuestra cara: o más bien, nos señalan lo que no queremos aceptar en nuestra propia casa.

Comment by Lautréamont

his work with the british bobbys, perfect.

Comment by tony

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