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November 8, 2008, 5:03 am
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 “I believe in the perfection of the hand, so I don’t use of tools to make my geometry. From far away, straight lines look straight, but when you come close and see they were made by hand and that they are a little wavy, they seem to have more life and energy and are actually far more beautiful than the “perfect” lines made by a ruler. I am particularly interested in working with symmetry and why slightly “imperfect” symmetry is more beautiful. Also, I like thinking about how my eyes might dart around the field of energy and what holds my eyes in one place or another. I think about how the colours vibrate of each other and, finally, I’m in love with the emotional response of all of these elements working together.” -Maya Hayuk Dixie




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love it.

Comment by valerie

Ok, enough said. This was probably the best article I have read on MAYA HAYUK
Kloset Kase Blog today and I often do research daily on
the subject of first direct current account. Thanks for sharing with the world.

Comment by define telepathy

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