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December 9, 2008, 1:29 pm
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Artist statement worth reading…

“After getting aware of the viewpoint of an “empty self,” I started in 1999 a series of works using paper, titled “Linear-Actions Projects by Drawing and Cutting.” It looks like annual rings of a tree or topographical map or waive, but it isn’t. It is absolutely the traces of actions of a person, which is me.

So to speak, I have been mapping the mysterious land between physical and emotional geography. I want to attain something sublime. The entrance of the way is detail. The detail is the key point of nature, and we are part of nature. Even though the actions are simple, I do not try to draw / cut mechanical or perfect lines in my work, for subtle natural distortions convey the nuances of human emotions, habits, or biorhythm. For this reason, I take care to make all works by hand.

When I am drawing or cutting lines, I am interested in observing the power of the changing growing shape. This dynamic shape becomes an entity in itself, “Another geography.” In a sense, the empty space is myself, and the materials represent the present world. Cutting book work is like collaboration for me. And it is important to choose the materials carefully because printed matter conveys a message automatically. The relationship between the linear actions and the materials is like the relationship between human beings and their restricted environment, a connection that is interested in me, too.

For the new type of Yupo paper sculpture project, using metal cabinets with drawers, called “Flat file globe” series has started since the last solo show 2006. The work is a metaphor of human body and also the cross section of consecutive time stream and present. That is collaborating with minimal industrial materials and my organic cutting lines. I also came to use negative forms deriving from cutouts also. I entitle them “Sculpaper.” The works multiply day by day.

Using the five senses, perceiving the natural qualities of the materials, I found that I am concerned less about the end, and more about “doing”. The process of creating is equally as important as the finished work.”-Noriko Ambe



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