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I am no kloset kase when it comes to promoting sexual fantasies. And I fiend for certain scenarios in role playing as much as the next gal, who does not shy away from her own animal. But how this designer was able to take conventional bulky (raunchy) looking bondage-harnesses and transform them into fashionably-intellectual-ultra lush accessories that you may even wanna wear over a white t-shirt with blue jeans, hits me in my metaphorical g-spot. I guess that makes me somewhat of a kloset dominatrix. What is it about feeling pleasure while being restrained, harnessed that turns us on so much? I think losing control, being physically constricted…ay there’s the good rub. Feeling helpless while being pleasured is the ultimate, ’cause you can’t help yourself, and are at the mercy of the giver. Victoria’s Secret is finally out of the kloset and taking some risks with this collection, ’cause their lingerie usually puts me to sleep and leaves nothing to the imagination of the fashion conscious sadist. DIXIE

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