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Do not adjust your television set. You’re probably watching something before (or not) your time. You think maybe the televised That 70’s Show pop cultural point of reference,  may have taken after The Electric Company’s kinetic form of language in song,  fest of a show? Even the kids in it were MAD-good singing actors.  The Electric Company was f—ing cool, smart damnit.  And I read from a reliable source that it has been grossly rebirthed into some dumbed down Mojo version. This is very tragic for a generation with slightly more encouraged memory banks of psychedelically-intense pop culture. Reality TV..WHAT?!! Get the f-k outta here, these were thinking shows.  What if things were a little more straight up then? It was encouraged in good TV.  “Reading’s heavy, reading’s tough.”  “Easy, they named you right.”  “Easy Reader,”  word puns intended.  Dixie


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