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If you’re into numerology, are superstitious or just have an affinity for the number 3, lucky strike, you’ll believe that good things always come in pairs of threes. And I’m not only referring to any materialistic KlosetKase shoe fetish ailment you may be suffering from, but grounding an old saying which depicts that throughout the course of your life, some rewarding events can happen to you in sequences of threes.  For this season of Spring 2009, Marc Jacobs plays self proclaimed King of  Hearts, hence the heart shaped peek-a-boo nuances in some of the exquisite metallic colored shoes we see up above. It’s like they’re falling from a Valentine heaven he’s created for us. Now, if you like playing poker, you could appreciate that- if and when you wear any of these wildcards (shoes), you must keep a straight face ’cause you never want them calling your bluff or think you’re a joker. That’s how psychologically hot these can be when worn by  those with great sense of play in their own fashion. Dixie


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