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American photographer Steven Meisel was born in 1954 and majored in fashion illustration at Parsons School of  Design. His works are highly acclaimed in US and Italian Vogue. He is regarded as the super model maker who has paved the way for many a model, in having frequently featured them in Italian Vogue amongst other editorial projects. Meisel’s conceptual style provokes controversy in how he juxtaposes fashion and politics and or social standards. And he was able to exorcise many a controversial layout using Italian Vogue as a platform. I fancy the robot fetish worship of the Quaker-like vestal virgins in pure white. Superbly odd, but very true in how ritualistic societal norms and belief systems can rule us blindly. Dixie

Title: Organized Robots
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Magazine: Vogue Brazil


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He’s notoriously clandestine in his work. He never does exhibitions. He’s only ever had one book published and it’s hard to find any decent info about him…

Why so secretive?

Comment by Hugh O'Malley Fashion Photographer London

Great work. I didn’t notice the robot until after I reached the last picture.

Comment by sNsKid

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