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Sylvia Ji was born in 1982, and graduated from the Academy of Art of the University of San Francisco with a Bachelors in illustration. I’ve always been intrigued with people’s perception (of), reaction to death and if someone has experienced losing a close one, how that affects how one individual conducts him/herself throughout life. Death affects us all in the same way the living do, even if you ignore the living.  But Sylvia manages to nurture in her work so much life and sensual vibrancy in her seemingly nostalgic illustrations, juxtaposing the conventional social notions of many modern day women otherwise led to living in fear, oppressed. This is what I feel her art exudes in her renditions of  luscious, sexual, provocative damsels, in their Dia de Los Muertos war paint with such femininity. Dia de Los Muertos is a festive day in Mexican culture, not a day of mourning sadness. She obviously understands the irony between those two parallels. I would love to see myself  in such seductive coloration and changed face, somewhat macabre, but hyper real and full of emotion. Sylvia’s having an exhibit titled Haute Epoch next Saturday, April 11, 2009, over at the Corey Helford Gallery. Dixie


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Wow this is amazing.
I think you are right; we are bewildered and do not understand the complexity of death.
Ji does a great job at capturing this.

Comment by savediana

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