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An empowering emotional association triggers in me, in slipping into fetish-like leather armor, which also accentuates the contours of my body with seductive, subdued yet conspicuous velvety seaming and tough looking geometric paneling. I can see it fit for myself surrendering fierce loyalty to what Hannah Marshall wants her type of woman to feel, under her skin and outwardly too. If you think what I say is to be quick or pretentious in my virtue (wink) , think again my sweet dark darlings. Because what we think we aren’t, is unpredictable and irony prevails, but not because I say so in further feeding my ego or dis-servicing those who think they are in the know moreover. There’s always the protection we like to feel in wearing strong garments, in defending what lies beneath. What you don’t see in some of her designs is what you get most of  in Hannah’s provocative, controlled, teasing flashes of flesh. We like being starved, but never make it cliche and splendid Ms. Marshall has given new meaning to wearing your own suit of armor a la fetish, if you will. Hannah Marshall’s philosophy in her designs were triggered by her obsession with the human form and how strong we feel when have have control. And her pieces feed into nothing less but safety in self empowerment. She has given us our own dark, ornamented armor with shielded breastplates and moulded hips. I had the pleasure of meeting her personally and yes I gawked at her immediate, candid candor and impeccable intuition in what she was wearing. It was hard keeping my eyes off her as I was simply providing great customer service, but her style is tight, wicked, dark flawless. This woman can walk the talk and says what she means to say in her garments. This is my ode to you gurlie with mad style. Your spine dress and Bat dress have me going and I can’t stop.  And as for the photographer extraordinaire by the name of a Victor de Mello, I’m onto you like a klosetkase outta hell. Dixie


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