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What sensuous, psychoanalytical Beatrice Morabito is trying to tell us is that she can channel her emotions, communicate an extension of herself, in her Freudian manipulation of her dolls,via photography. As a child, you think like one when you play with dolls. It is about make believe, pretending with no preconceived notion that they cannot smile or cry or not move by themselves. But when you take on playing with dolls with the malice we have attained in our life experiences as adults, positioning dolls in compromising scenarios, so they show passion, sorrow, lust, fetishism, hate, pleasure, regret, hunger, masochism, sadism, creating art with such objects morphs into a whole different sensibility, because you are tapping into the complex phenomena of the self that is our psyche. The darker aspects of ourselves or not, is what she captures in her juxtapositions of emotions and prefixed, gagged, tied up dolls, emoting not what they feel, but rather what you want them to feel in your place. So in essence she sees herself in the vessel of her dolls, as her alter ego. We are mysterious creatures, aren’t we. Dixie


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do you know plastic mon amour

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