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I’m gonna perform for you, Hannah Martin, or so I’ve heard the “Rock & Roll English Rose,” from another pretty Hannah in black. There’s something very metaphorically prolific, pleasurable about the phrase “performing to make it all the way.” When I perform like a degenerate, I either do it in silent vice or in ostentatious virtue, but done righteously so, in such bad behaviour. There is a certain dark honesty to the brutal beauty in Martin’s sterlin silver collection  “The Only Performance” (to name a few) with its Super Studded Cufflinks, Studded RingEdge Knife Chain, The Only Performance Ring, “wicked” Barbed Pendant and Knife Edge Knuckleduster. Just the names of these turn me on-in a throwing back a few $4 dollar shots of Jameson in a lower east side dive bar to a killer jukebox blaring Gwar, surrounded by dirty gutter punks and their pups,  jaded, anti-government blue collar workers, anti-socially, where you could almost catch a reflection of a pair of sterling sliver studded cuff links I’m wearing-bouncing off the wall. Would it make me a f*%#!#@* pretentious b%$#@! if I looked good, ’cause that’s how I pleasure myself, in performing all the way as an ostentatious dresser to get there?  There, meaning totally up to the human being I’ve become (only) in search of what makes me fool good, in my own performance of my life. I don’t mind the occasional fugly gangster talking  macho smack to me for other than saying the basic “hi, how’s it going?” and that’s it.  It’s always interesting to watch a certain hell-raiser demoralize himself for comic relief, when I’m getting my buzz on. Drunken stupor is always a plus! The fallen rock star on the other hand, I may wanna further investigate that, to better asses the situation. Some I may wanna slap ’cause they can just go on and on about themselves, but others turn out more honest in their humbling experience.  And I can always use a goood friend. ; }  I guess that makes me someone drawn to shameless behavior in some ways. Flawless in style and audacity is Hannah Martin’s vice. Wear it, and the hell with the rest. Dixie


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