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Relating Jenny Alcantara’s Treacherous Gardens metaphorically, allegorically or by way of an analogy and interjecting it into our own visceral explanation of established thinking, can make for a less presentational,  safer way of reading into the incendiary symbolism she instills in her exquisitely ornamented tableaus.  Alcantara talks about always having been a daydreamer and says “My inspirations come from a wide variety of sources including fairy-tales and fables, mythology, the natural world and freaks of nature, melancholy…broken dolls and objects out of place.”  Jenny is somewhat of a romanticist in how she celebrates nature in her oil and acrylics on panel landscapes. Yet her traitorous instincts in overthrowing  conventional belief systems destroy in a most enthralling manner. She gives way in her free play of emotion and imagination in her love for fauna and melancholic freaks of nature and captures the complexities of  our dual nature and the balance of such. What we get from her is how we are a hybrid manifestation of both human and animal.  And so as a hybrid representation we experience a connectedness, maybe also a language of our human and animal instincts in conflict, but always remaining beautiful and safe even whilst in apparent, decadent despair. The subtext of folklore, Victorian nuances and mythology emote a certain ritualistic, religious nature in the natural order of all living things in how we are innately bound by life to our animal, and always at risk of death. The stoic omnificent look in all her characters’ eyes remind me of  religious statues of Catholic saints. They seem all knowing, prophet-like and self sacrificing. Read Fecal Face’s article on her. Superb. Dixie


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