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Spellbounding photography enraptured with perplexed eyes on idiosyncratic detail, hair and makeup haunt my memory with Meisel’s Victorian-like epoch. Starring what may appear as (a few) impregnated Madames embraced in Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, Valentino Couture and Christian Dior Haute Couture. But please take note sweetly of the insurmountable, intuitive sense of styling and craftiness in the use of gauze (apparently so-and most of us have it in our bathroom medicine cabinet), lace, feathers and flamboyant rhinestone jewelry and tiaras. Moreover the feeling which comes over me from just the looks in their faces and physicality, posture they all so eloquently wear, embody women from many lives ago with their own history, from a distant future past. And they come off as decadent and bigger than life. Meisel’s conceptual correlating theme is in how he juxtaposes fashion and politics and or social standards.I awake in dream. This shoot for March 2005 issue of Italian Vogue. Relish and learn. Dixie


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Christian Dior is really a genious when it comes to making those fancy dresses ;**

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