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Shin murayama1

Shin murayama5

Shin murayama2


Shin murayama3


Shin murayama1

Shin murayama3

Shin murayama2

shin murayama4

shin murayama shoe1

shin murayama shoe 3

shin murayama shoe 2

shin murayama shoe 4

Tokyo artist Shin Murayama’s The Beast Within bearded mask we see from top to bottom was recently featured in Vogue Homme Japan Vol. #3 and it is made of various pieces of fabric and metal, with wool inner lining and black leather tie-straps. The mask was also part of the I Don’t Like Mondays Gallery series. The second ingenious mask we see is the Mandrill Nose and the third is the  Shoe Face.  What’s most inspirational about these is that most of the materials they are made of are everyday objects we all have in our homes and it should serve as a lesson that we should start doing our own, not just masks, but our own clothes too. Just like Vivienne Westwood said, “Do it yourself.” All proceeds go to DAA (designers against aids). By the by there’s a 1980’s horror flick called The Beast Within which is one of my personal favorite wolfman flicks, which everyone should watch on the spirit of Halloween. Trick or treat. Dixie Rose


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