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November 18, 2009, 2:15 am
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Maya’s above works are all done with acrylic paint on canvas, paper and wood.  She’s been previously featured in KK .  I sense she pulls from a spiritual source in the layout of  her flamboyantly colored schemes, boombastic patterns, kaleidoscope-origami-like pieces influenced by her Ukrainian up bringing, in how she solicits her viewers to get a sense their spirit is “emanating” from the crowns of their heads and up, if they were to sit or stand front of one specific mural she talks about in her third clip above (from top to bottom). She expressed growing up in a music world where artwork was only really visible to the American masses on posters or were reserved for museums or galleries and also seen on album covers too, where  idolizing Roger Dean’s covers alike, was her norm. Another of  Maya’s favorite artists whose identity became well-known in the cover art circles was Raymond Pettibon whose art was  featured on many an album such as Sonic Youth and Black Flag. There is a comparison Maya makes in that back then art was predominantly captured in music  zines, and covers, and describes art now as a “global international awesome collective of people”  inspired by one another on the same wavelength.  I relate to her in one of  her rituals, where she puts a song on auto replay for hours, I do the same in tapping into my own inspiration. Music sets much spontaneity free, it helps us peak, much like a good movie, delicious food or sexual pleasure. Everything around us provokes thought and raises questions in reaction to.  Maya touched on some interesting history, her artistic trajectory from then to now.  Live and learn. Dixie Rose

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via Beautiful Decay


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