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November 30, 2009, 8:40 pm
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By the power of collaborative work invested by TSG founder, Ashburn Eng, and his design assistant, Shanna Matthew, who passionately labored for their creation over a period of 364 hours, post 2 weeks worth of experimentation, exploration and conceptualizing of designs and outfits, using materials such as brown paper, toilet paper, tracing paper, old magazines and newspaper altered with gum tapes, raffia string, aluminum foil, cling wrap, egg trays, bubble wrap and trash bags, the remains are a transcendental transformation which builds with defying longevity over time.  What I also find particularly interesting in this shoot is the element of water and its function, introduction within its industrial grey backdrop. In the same manner paper can be sculpted into many different directions where you can scrunch it up to create crinkle effects, twist it, braid it, weave it, pleat and fold to achieve abstract shapes, details and texture, water can do the same in how it flows everywhere, adding wonderful bursting movement and texture, shaping all sorts of imagery into space.

Dixie Rose


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