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December 25, 2012, 6:39 pm
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February 22, 2012, 5:55 pm
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We are living in times where nature has become detrimental to our mental/physical health and well-being. The lack-there-of,  in an urban setting such as NYC shows us we must go to it for healing, peace and freeing of the mind.  In these images I see a hybrid life form morphing from man to plant in constant flux, a visual means of necessary balance. But that is just my imagination. Jefta is a 24-year-old artist/photographer from Holland.  Dixie Rose

October 7, 2011, 2:25 am
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Dutch, contemporary artist, Martine Johanna’s works put me under a joyous trance.  She began her education in art and fashion at 19 years of age and pursued fashion design up until 2008, when she decided to focus solely on painting and drawing. Her work is arresting.  Dixie Rose


(A fashion exhibit during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York S/S 2012. On
through October 01)

PRIESTESS NYC creative director Cody Ross and Michael Adjiashvili, founder
of luxury retailer Hotoveli New York, present a jaw-dropping sartorial
exhibit that spans the entirety of Hotoveli New York’s plush minimalist
interior.  “Extreme Regime” explores paradox, pop-culture,
surrealism, eroticism and fashion and is enveloped in trans-media madness,
sexual fetishism and a serious wallop of artisanship.

Messrs Adjiashvili and Ross aptly engage with inflammatory subjects and
employ subversive strategies to combine impeccably constructed garments,
interior decor and readymades that defiantly arouse, amuse and dismay.
The surrealistic oomph and black humor that characterize the installation
is undercut by the rigorous craftsmanship, amazing styling and painstaking
conceptual and physical labor evident in their execution (not to mention a
good deal of mind-blowing multi-media including an over-the-top video
montage by collaborator and visual doyen Gian Mazcour).

Hotoveli is NYC’s  leading specialty fashion retailer, offering a rarified
assortment of avant-garde brands and the most unique edit of the best in
womenswear, menswear, shoes, accessories and novelty items from around the
world. The store easily rivals Colette in Paris or Hong Kong’s Lane
Crawford and takes the cake for its eye-popping aesthetic and cool
directional brands.

Priestess NYC is the quirky, progressive unisex label based in NYC with an
outpost in Shanghai. Creator Cody Ross favors a dramatic, almost
psychedelic aesthetic whose modern ethos fetishizes intense geometrics,
tenebrous-punk and occult references.

The exhibition (while all about creative expression, fashion and fun) aims
to unearth the contradictions and hypocrisies present in contemporary
culture, explore the relationship between commercial and avant-garde
art/fashion and redefine the relationship between body, clothing and
identity.  By incorporating visceral elements and bursting energy, this
interactive life-sized montage screams with double-meaning and multiple
perspectives, allowing the creator to deny the validity of any singular
viewpoint, offering an interpretation of reality that exists in a constant
state of flux.

Check out Priestess NYC x Hotoveli New York x “Extreme Regime” at 271 West
4th Street in the West Village. On during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New
York S/S 2012 and ending October 01. Klosetkase was there.

Cody Ross

Dixie Rose

September 8, 2011, 9:20 pm
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Ewelina Koszykowski’s  vulnerable meditations  into the present, offer one the opportunity to be transformed, playing with the notion of “what if” we were all divine and leaped from death back to life. She had a life altering accident which instilled in her a hypersensitive urgency of time. I understand her sentiment from the perspective of loss where you evolve to a more heightened sense of value for the people you love and life.  Dixie Rose

September 8, 2011, 9:16 pm
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In the name of skulls and thorned roses with protruding ravenous jaws, juxtaposed to a certain ritual-like reverence to the soft beauty of the unknown  . Dixie Rose

May 29, 2011, 3:25 pm
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Nature is living art of religious meaning as it flows savagely, beautifully in perpetual nirvanic cycles. Nirvana=Oblivion=Nirvana. Born in London, filmmaker Marc Silver explores powerful visual metaphor illustrating the nature of collaboration and the power of crowds. Dixie Rose